About Us

Xen Arts was set up by Xenoula Eleftheriades as a non-profit organisation in 2008. It began as a fundraising event called 'TongueTied?' to raise money for a struggling dance company in Zimbabwe.

Now in its tenth year, Xen Arts has expanded into an organisation that uses the arts to create opportunities in areas of adversity and hardship, working both in the UK and internationally.

When continuously faced with negative stereotypes and confusing global issues, it can be overwhelming and easy to lose hope.

Whether it is the gang culture on the streets of London, the spread of disease in Africa, drug trafficking in South America or oppressive regimes in the Middle East, we are bombarded with negative imagery, building barriers and fear.

Xen Arts connects people and cultures through real experiences and personal stories. Through the vehicle of the arts we break barriers, enable conversations and 'creative connections'. 

Photography by Rachel Wright